Is the Burgoyne Bridge the new Niagara Falls?

** Trigger Warning: The topic of this blog is suicide. Ethical guidelines regarding media reporting on suicide are respected.**

It has now been officially declared that the Niagara Region is amidst a suicide crisis with a particular focus on the Burgoyne bridge in St. Catharines. My deepest condolences are extended to those who have been affected by these tragedies, including the families and friends of those who have died by suicide.
You will notice I said, died “by” suicide; it is also appropriate to say, died “from” suicide. Words matter. In my training, I was taught to never use the terminology “committed suicide”. Saying that someone has “committed suicide” implies criminality or sin, neither of which is true. It is unnecessary, pathologizing and leaves those affected with a negative connotation.
It is difficult to convey the overwhelming mental anguish and emptiness to someone who has never experienced depression. When your mind is plagued with depressive and suicidal thoughts, all…

How to Create an Essential Morning Routine to Combat Depression

Routines, some people love them and some people hate them. When you are suffering with any kind of mood problem, routines are critical! Let me explain...your adrenal glands which regulate your body's response to stress love a regular set schedule. Regular bed times, meal times and wake up times make our adrenal glands feel relaxed.

1. Get out of bed!

When it's time to get up, get out of your bed. Don't grab your phone and start scrolling. I know this may be tempting, but don't do it. Many people like to grab their phone's to check their work emails first thing in the morning but this is a bad habit as it puts your mind in a reactive state right off the hop.

2. Hydrate.

Most people go straight for the coffee pot. Drink some water first. Your body has gone all night without any water so you'll need to rehydrate. This helps energize the body, boosts your metabolism and can help prevent sickness.

3. Move.

When we are depressed, we don't have the luxury of moti…

The 5 Books on my Nightstand

1. "Girl Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis 

I checked out her podcast while I was waiting for the book and honestly I found it a bit boring (sorry). There is a lot of hype around the book right now (I am currently on Chapter 1). It's a motivational book in which Rachel, the author exposes 20 different lies that we tell ourselves.

2. "Unfu*k Yourself" by Gary John Bishop

I believe you could be unfu*ked after reading this book! The information in this book is very simple and easy to understand. This book is about 7 assertive affirmations that you can begin living by to change your world. It's a straight forward no BS way to take charge of your life!

3. "High Performance Habits" By Brendon Burchard

This is the latest book by Brendon Burchard. He highlights 3 personal and 3 social habits for achieving long-term success. This book reminds us to focus on the positive energy that we put out to others. 

4. "The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck" by Mark…

How to Get Rid of Anger and Be HAPPY

Anger is something that happens when things don't go our way or the way that we expected them to go. We are unhappy because of our expectations

I find visuals helpful so let's have a look at the example below:


Things don’t go our way

What the f$@*?!!! And other profanities

Anger Yell Hit Passive Aggressiveness Throw Things Break Things Do something you’re not supposed to
What to do

- Label the feeling: "I am angry" (frustrated, resentful, mad, upset etc...)

- Be honest with yourself. What are you hoping to achieve by holding onto the anger? Does my behaviour get me what I want?

- Ask WHO am I angry with? When we have anger it can be directed in 3 ways:

Cutting- What is it & Why do people do it?

**Disclaimer: this topic is meant to educate and promote wellness and in no way promotes or encourages self-harm behaviour. This post does NOT contain any images of self-harm.

I know some of you may be thinking, ‘why would someone do this to themselves?’. Others may be thinking ‘my best-friend does that?’ Cutting and self-harm is a complicated topic and finding accurate information can be challenging (don't consult Dr. Google on this one). Regardless of all of the research and clinical experience that informs my writing on this topic, it is difficult to fully capture everyone’s unique experience of self-harm/cutting. 

Cutting is when a person intentionally inflicts tissue damage on themselves without the intention to die. Self-harm is different from suicidal behaviours or attempts. 
The main distinction is that when people cut themselves, they’re usually trying to cope with their lives, not end them.
Cutting is not a diagnosis in the DSM-V although it can be a subset to other …

Is Social Media Destroying your Self-Esteem?

As a social species, we constantly find ourselves comparing our lives and assets to those around us. As technology has evolved, it has become increasingly difficult to avoid engaging in this behaviour as we are constantly plugged in to what others are doing around us. Online social platforms provide a breeding ground for self-doubt and insecurity. You see those around you with nicer houses, going on more luxurious vacations, in expensive bathing suits that flatter exquisite bodies. We often forget that social media is simply a projection of what each individual wants everyone to see, and does not accurately represent their lives as a whole. While on a small scale this kind of behaviour may be motivational, it generally leaves us feeling inferior.

When it comes to our bodies, one of our most personal possessions, this inferiority can lead to self-esteem or body image issues, and in the extreme an eating disorder or body dysmorphic disorder. It is important to be able to determine when o…

4 POSITIVE ways to deal with NEGATIVE People

Do you have that one friend, colleague or family member that brings a black cloud with them everywhere they go? Are they constantly focusing on the negative? Are they always in such a rant that they don’t even ask you about your life? They are pessimistic and emotionally exhausting.

So let me ask you this...if you met a barking dog would you get on all fours and start barking back? Of course not. The saying is true, "misery loves company". In other words, don’t join them in their pity fest. It will only leave you feeling emotionally depleted.

But let's face it, you can't always just say goodbye to people with negative attitudes or world views – they may be your parents, partner, children, in-laws, or someone you work with. So here are 4 ways to handle this type of person.

1. Protect Yourself by Not Engaging

People tend to have selective attention and focus on the bad things. Notice their tendency to blame external factors for their unhappiness rather than their own neg…