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Is Anger Really a Problem?

It is common these days to hear about people with "anger management issues". I even saw a blog the other day about "reverse anger management". It occured to me that perhaps this is a good time to clarify exactly what anger is, and when it becomes a "problem".

First, lets start with the definition of anger. Anger is NOT as many would like to believe - a behaviour or set of behaviours. Rather, anger is an emotion. It can range in intensities from mild irritation to red hot rage, and occurs naturally in every human being. Anger is a natural emotion, as natural as is happiness, sadness, and fear.

Anger serves a purpose - it is an indicator that there is something in our lives that is not right - that requires change, improvement, or attention. Anger has been the catalyst for major positive change in the world - take the Civil Rights Movement as an example.

Anger as an emotion is not something that can or should be managed or controlled. You don't manage love…

Time for Anger Solutions in Sport

This Just In From

Dominic Brock 11/03/09

Roosters forward Anthony Cherrington will face court on his 21st birthday to be sentenced for assault as rugby league’s horror run with the law continues.Cherrington is undertaking anger management classes and counselling after pleading guilty to an assault from last year.The 20-year-old forward admitted to striking Monique Mears in the face and on the body, before threatening her with a knife. He then smashed her sunglasses, mobile phone and car mirrors 10 days later.Cherrington paid Ms Mears $3000 to cover damage to her property after the attack, and is now obtaining a psychological report to present at his sentencing hearing later this month.Fellow Rooster Setaimata Sa will appear in court next month to appeal a conviction for fracturing a man’s skull in a pub fight more than 12 months ago. He received 250 hours’ community service.

So tell me again why athletes don't need anger solutions? We tend to place pe…

3 Reasons to Stop Stressing About the Economy

I don’t know about you but there is only so much doom and gloom talk that I can take before I start thinking… Arghhhh! The media is obsessed with inundating us with bad news – and right now (for good reason) the economy is the flavor of the month. I am currently reading (for the second time) Jack Canfield’s excellent book, The Success Principles, and just passed over his comment, “They’re having a recession, but I’ve chosen not to participate.” I like that kind of thinking. Last year while we were headed on an economical downward slide as a nation, I tripled my sales. Why? Because I was focused on creating abundance rather than “coping with lack”, or worse yet – “avoiding scarcity”.
And so, as we continue to plod through the recession, here are 3 good reasons to shift your focus away from our current economic crisis:1. The first reason to stop stressing about the economy is the most important one: You Can’t Control It! Stressing over what you can’t control is an exercise in futility, f…