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Don't buy the Anger Lady's Books from Amazon

It turns out that my first book, Top Ten Lists to Live By is a pretty popular little item on the Internet these days. On the advice of one of my book marketing gurus, I decided to run a little search on to see if my book is being re-sold anywhere on the web. Check this out: - a re-seller has this book posted for 17.68 in British pounds. - a re-seller has Top Ten Lists posted for $35.33. - you can buy a pre-owned copy from anywhere between $18 and $20 plus shipping and handling.
Now I have to ask you, why would you want to purchase a book that is STILL in print for more than its listed retail price? I have to ask, how do these folks get away with it? Perhaps it is because no-one has set the record straight about what they're doing... So here I go. There are three reasons I can think of that one might search for a book on Amazon and pay more than the suggested retail price: the book is incredibly special (e…