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Impacting Tomorrows Leaders Today

I am writing this blog from the campus of Fordham University where I am facilitating Leadership Programs with tomorrows leaders. This is both an exciting and humbling experience - one I do not take lightly. Being blessed with the opportunity to contribute to the lives of young people is awesome; knowing that something I say or do over the next few days could have lifetime value for them is sobering.

We had our first opening ceremony last evening, and the energy in the room was palpable. There was an air of anticipation, apprehension, and expectation for what might happen over the 10 day process. Only time will tell what will come out of my time here.

Last year, Lisa Nichols challenged me to say "yes" more. She encouraged me that great things may happen when I learn to risk more, to expand my own limits, and to just say YES when opportunities arise. This is what I did for this event - I know that something good will come of it - I know this for certain. What that something is t…

Even the "Experts" Misunderstand Anger

Thursday, July 9, 2009
COMMENTARYWendy Dolber is an Option Method practitioner and owns Dialogues in Self Discovery LLC, dedicated to teachings in the Option Method. The Method is a personal growth and development tool, and is not a psychotherapy. You can find out more about her at Read her full article about anger at - posted July 7, 2009.Wendy recently published an article in the New Jersey News, and as an expert in the Option Method, she shares some valuable insights about anger, beliefs and choices. However, like many so-called experts on anger, she also misses the mark by a longshot in one key area. Read on - see if you can catch it."Anger doesn't change anyone. It doesn't make your kids listen to you. Or do their homework. Or stop texting at dinner. It doesn't make your spouse or significant other love you any more than they already do. Or guess what you want. Or put the toilet seat down.It doesn't m…