Impacting Tomorrows Leaders Today

I am writing this blog from the campus of Fordham University where I am facilitating Leadership Programs with tomorrows leaders. This is both an exciting and humbling experience - one I do not take lightly. Being blessed with the opportunity to contribute to the lives of young people is awesome; knowing that something I say or do over the next few days could have lifetime value for them is sobering.

We had our first opening ceremony last evening, and the energy in the room was palpable. There was an air of anticipation, apprehension, and expectation for what might happen over the 10 day process. Only time will tell what will come out of my time here.

Last year, Lisa Nichols challenged me to say "yes" more. She encouraged me that great things may happen when I learn to risk more, to expand my own limits, and to just say YES when opportunities arise. This is what I did for this event - I know that something good will come of it - I know this for certain. What that something is though, depends on my willingness to see the risk through. You see, I could just stay in my room during the off hours - not walk the campus - not spend down time with the conference delegates; or, I could play full out - hang out with the delegates, take the subway into Manhattan, explore the sights on my own or with a newfound friend, and expand my horizons here in the city.

I have chosen the latter route. Sunday, I walked 30 minutes to church, and experienced what it is like to fellowship with people of the same precious faith, but within a very different cultural context. I ate NY style pizza off campus, and had a very intelligent political conversation with my NY Yellow Cab taxi driver (who is from Ghana) about the state of affairs in Africa and other predominantly black nations. I met a delegate who is here with another conference and while we have not yet exchanged names, we have already agreed to look out for each other in the cafeteria so we can get acquainted. Tomorrow, I am taking the subway into Manhattan to see the sights and to visit with my cousin and his wife (whom I have not seen in 18 years). Am I nervous about navigating NYC on my own? Yes. But I'm going to do it anyway. Besides - I want to go shopping. :)

I say yes to expanding my horizons and trying new things. As this process continues over the next few days - I'll keep blogging and sharing the outcomes of my experiences.


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