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Getting Past Your Past with The Anger Lady a Big Hit

Many thanks go out to Barbara Grumme ( for inviting me to keynote the first session of her 2011 "Love Your Life" series. The topic was Getting Past Your Past, and together with an audience of about 40 people, we explored the processes that are involved in overcoming one's past and moving forward with optimism. Here are a few of the comments from participants after the event:

1. Speaker: Very thought provoking much to think about
2. Speaker: Very articulate & knowledgeable. Easy to relate to.
3. Speaker: Very good
4. Speaker: Excellent
5. Excellent and Professionally delivered
6. Welcoming and inspirational
7. Very Good
8. Inspiring
9. Good Advice. Well Spoken
10. Good
11. Very Good
12. Fun & Informative
13. Very Good
14. Very Friendly
15. Julie was Great- Looking Forward to her Presentation for IAAP
16. Very Good
17. Very Informative
18. Great Saw her last time
19. Amazing
20. Too short

Watch for the youtube video of the event coming soon!