Business Trends: Productivity - Are You Trendy?

Research from the last few years shows some alarming trends in the business world, proving that sometimes, it pays in dividends to swim against the current. For example, did you know that since 1997, the average payout in employee health benefits has experienced an increase from 6% to a whopping 14% per annum? Private health insurance and disability expenses, including workplace compensation currently costs US business $1 trillion dollars per year! You read that right - $1 TRILLION dollars!

The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD, found that employees with diabetes miss an average of 8.3 days per year compared to non-diabetics - which constitutes a loss of 14 million lost work days per year in the US alone. Staggering, isn't it? Did you know that the stress response causes the body to produce blood sugar, putting people at higher risk for developing diabetes? And would you believe that between 1990 and 1999, Canadian EAP programs reported a 220 percent increase in stress cases!

Consider this: consulting firm, Watson Wyatt Canada estimates that most companies spend 2 to 3 percent of their payroll on short-term disability claims, half of which may be stress-related. In contrast, most companies don't even spend 1% of their payroll budget on employee development. Kinda makes you wonder if there could be a link there...

At Leverage U, we are Team Productivity consultants, with a focus on team effectiveness, communication, anger resolution, and stress management. You may wonder, what does our mandate have to do with the price of cheese? We understand the link between mental/physical health issues and your bottom line. The secret to business efficiency lies in understanding the link between stress, mental health, and productivity - and putting practices into place to reduce workplace stressors. I say it is time to buck the trend, and build a mentally and physically healthy workplace that maximizes the efficiency of its human resources, enabling both the employees and the businesses they serve to function at the peak of their performance.

Learn about what we can do to Leverage yoUr team into peak performance and productivity. Visit my website at or drop by to learn all about our corporate coaching packages.


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