Stand Up Against Bullying

This video was produced for the Peel District School Board to demonstrate the power that peers, parents, teachers, and bystanders have to help others through anxiety, depression, and flagging mental health. Bystanders who intervene in bullying situations will see the bullying stop within 10 seconds almost 60% of the time. We have the power to take a stand against bullying: it begins with each of us.
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Parents who are seeking solutions for your bullied child(ren), visit This book was written for you by myself and Laurie Flasko, a mom who struggled against the tide to keep her daughter safe and to get her on a path to recovery from Post Traumatic Stress after 3 years of bullying.

If you are seeking support in the Niagara Region, I offer the following services:
  • Support for the bullied child (counselling and psychoeducational programing to help them cope as well as to develop resiliency and self esteem)
  • Prosocial behaviour programs for children who bully (Anger Solutions for Kids, and Strong Kids Curriculae)
  • We also provide counselling and support for adults who have been bullied, harrassed or mobbed at work, along with Bill C168 training for HR Managers and Corporate Leaders who are committed to keeping their workplaces bully free.
Please visit my website: for contact information.


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