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Five Things to NEVER do when You're Angry at Your Kids

Moms and Dads – you know better than anyone how your kids can be sweet as honey one minute, and then driving you to the edge of insanity in the next. It is vital for parents to remember that their responsibility is to raise their kids to be productive, contributing members of society. So, when we get angry at our kids, even when it is justified, we have to be careful that we don’t say or do something that we will regret, or worse – could scar our kids for life. Here are five tips on what we as parents should NEVER do when we get angry at our kids.
Never compare your kids to their siblings or worse yet, the neighbours’ kids. “Why can’t you be more like your brother?” Perhaps a phrase similar to this runs through your memory from time to time. Children want to know that they are loved and accepted for who they are. Being compared to someone who is smarter, more punctual, better behaved, thinner, more athletic, or better-looking does nothing for your child’s self-es…

Broken clocks: Why We Need Therapy

Imagine you have a lovely clock - a real showpiece, that you like to keep in a prominent place in your home, perhaps on your fireplace mantle or in your curio cabinet. One day it just stops keeping time. What will you do? You have a few options:

1. You could move the clock to a different place in the home. Perhaps it wasn't happy on the shelf, mantle, or in the cabinet. Maybe if you move it to a new place, it will start working again.

2. You could take it down from its place and shine it up. Maybe it needs a good "spit and polish". If you shine it all up, change its appearance, perhaps it will start working again because it looks brand new on the outside.

3. You could blame the clock for its inability to keep time, and try to shame it back into working again.

BUT it is not very likely that any of the above options will result in your optimal outcome, which is for the clock to accurately tell the time!

We are so like this when it comes to our mental health and our psycho…