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Helping the Homeless Don't Cost a Thing

I had an interesting experience last week that really affected me - so much so that I had to wait almost a week to write about it. Every Tuesday, I commute to Toronto to my teaching job at George Brown College. On my first day using public transit, I counted four homeless people in a three-block walk from Union Station to King Street. What bothered me more than the fact that they were homeless was the way that the people of Toronto, who appear so desensitized to the homelessness issue in their city, literally stepped over or around these people as they lay, sat, or stood on the sidewalks. It bothered me. A lot.  It made me think of the time a young lady approached me in the middle of winter - she was freezing cold, underdressed for the weather and she was literally pleading with me to give her something to eat. I had no money or else I would have given her some - it wasn’t until I got to my destination that I realized I had a granola bar in my purse and I could have shared that with …