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Coping with Toxic People

How To Cope with the Negative People In Your Life

Do you have that one friend, colleague or family member that brings a black cloud with them everywhere they go? Are they constantly focusing on the negative? Are they always in such a rant that they don’t even ask you about your life? They are pessimistic and emotionally exhausting. The character Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh comes to my mind... If you met a barking dog would you get on all fours and start barking back? Of course not. In other words, don’t join them in their pity fest. It will only leave you feeling emotionally depleted. But let's face it: you can't always just say goodbye to people with negative attitudes or world views – they may be your parents, partner, children, in-laws, or someone you work with. So here are 4 ways to handle this type of person. Protect Yourself by Not Engaging People tend to have selective attention to focus on the bad things. Notice their tendency to blame external factors for their unhappi…